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Snacks Time: Wrapping Up 2022

Snacks Sanchez

Snacks is a seven-pound silkie Yorkshire terrier with the attitude of a 100-pound pit bull. Formerly known as Mia, she is a recovering rescue dog who found her new and loving home in 2013 when she was unexpectedly dropped off at her new mom’s place of work. Her new dad—a seasoned empty nester, was not a fan initially. A six-year battle of wills ensued, which Snacks eventually won. In the process both Snacks and Dad gained a clear understanding of who the real Alfa in the pack was—Mom.

Whoof! 2023 is here! I am still trying to figure out how that happened. If I recap 2022, it was a challenging year for me. My mom is still trying to figure out my skin issues. She tried everything she could think of including suggestions from friends and family. I have been shaved bald in more areas, more often, than I ever wanted to be. I have had coconut oil slathered all over. Mom has even snuck coconut into my food. She’s trying to make me eat it! Whenever I am greased up with coconut oil, I drag myself all over the carpet, the bed, and anywhere else I can rub it off. Coconut makes me smell bad. It makes me a greaseball. I also know that when the coconut comes out, a bath is shortly coming— another thing I hate. I wish she could figure this out and leave me alone.

In June, we went on a road trip to Colorado. I saw the snow, and it rained like crazy. Mom put me in my jammies and down jacket, and it still was not enough to keep me from being cold. Mom and dad went to a wedding for my awesome cousin Tammy and her new hubby—and my new cousin —Daniel. They are huge dog lovers and have filled their home with rescue dogs that have special needs. Daniel even made a special room for one of the dogs where he spends one-on-one time with him. Of course, when they first saw me, they fell in love. I mean, it was a given. Tammy spoiled me all week, and Daniel let me drive his Jeep one day to run errands.

We took a road trip to Sacramento to have Thanksgiving with my Grandma Silly (dad’s mom). We went back for Christmas and spent a whole week there. I love being at my grandma’s house. She and I hang out together. Grandma Silly likes it when I sit with her on her recliner, and she even lets me sit on her favorite side. Mom made Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for us. I got to run out in the backyard and bark at the new dogs next door. At Thanksgiving they were trying to dig under the fence until mom came out and yelled at them and blocked their efforts. I was ready. I could have taken them both. Mom panics and thinks I cannot take care of myself. But I did hear her talking to dad and Grandma Silly and saying that she named me Snacks for a reason. I don’t get it.

Well, here’s to 2023. My hope for the new year is that mom gets this skin thing under control. I don’t know how much longer I can take smelling like a coconut greaseball. I also hope mom and dad start hiking again. In 2021 we walked everyday and hiked every weekend. Some days I was dog tired but overall, we were much more fit and much healthier. Dad even started eating better back then. I hear mom and dad rumbling about getting in shape, walking, and hiking in the new year. But mom’s been after dad all year, and dad has found creative ways to get out of it. To be honest, I do prefer sleeping most of the day, except for the occasional walk outside to check my p-mail. And dad does love his five-cheese pizza with creamy pesto sauce. I guess both dad and I are going to need a paradigm shift this year.

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