Enjoy Scenery

Take in the local scenes! Trees, bushes, dirt, streams, and more await!

Get Exercise

Getting exercise is very important for your mind and body and overall health.

Fresh Air

Breathing fresh air is awesome for your lungs, especially if you spend all day indoors!


Getting outside and exploring is a great way to disconnect for a while.

Gilroy’s hilly landscape on the outskirts of town offer many different walking and hiking trails for anyone looking to get outside! Trails vary from easy, to hard. You can find trails that are as short as one mile long, or up to thirty miles long! We’ve got trails that offer a good amount of elevation if you’re looking to work your quads, and we’ve also got flat trails that are perfect for beginners! If you’re looking to get out for a hike, there’s no need to travel far. Gilroy has a wide variety of trails that a perfect for everyone!

Morgan Hill also has many different trails for hiking. Over 50 are in the area! These trails of course vary in range on distance and difficulty. If you’d like to walk and enjoy the sights of a small waterfall, or take a flat stroll through nature, or go on an intensive 20 mile hike to test your strength, Morgan Hill has options for you! Stay close to home and enjoy the landscape that surrounds you everyday!

Best Hikes In the Area

Sprig Lake Trail Loop is a 5.2 mile loop located off Highway 152 and goes through Mt. Madonna State Park. This trail is very shaded and is one of the most popular hiking trails in the area! Enjoy the redwoods and a nice balance between incline and flat walk! In the winter and spring, you’ll be able to see and hear the creek too.

The China Hole Trail Loop is not for beginners but is a very rewarding hike to complete! The loop is 9 miles long and the elevation on the trail is over 1,500 feet! It takes over 4 hours to complete but is highly recommended for its partial shade, stunning views, and river! Good for backpacking too!

Harvey Bear Trail Loop is a great hike for beginners and intermediate hikers. This 4.5 mile loop takes about 2 hours to complete and offers a decent amount of elevation. It has wonderful views and about half of the trail offers shade. Happy hiking!

The Frog Lake Trail Loop is 5 miles of forest and lush views. It’s considered a moderate trail so it’s good for anyone looking to get a good hike in. 

Valley Oak Trail is 4.7 miles and isn’t a very strenuous trail at all. The majority of the trail is wide open and you’ll most likely see some deer! The whole trail only takes about 2 hours and is worth it!