No, Amazon Won't Be Coming To Morgan Hill. But Maybe Someone Else Will?

Daniel R. Blume, Flickr Creative Commons

So Morgan Hill lost their bid to be the location for a secondary Amazon headquarters. I wasn’t even aware that they had made a bid until I heard that they lost it.

I was relieved, to be honest.

I have serious personal interest in a tech company coming to the South Valley because my husband makes the commute from Gilroy to Cupertino every day.

(No, he doesn’t work for Apple. He works for Seagate, a hard drive company. No, he’s not an engineer. He works on the corporate side. Yes, the commute sucks. Yes, he has a Prius. No, he can’t use the carpool lane. No, Seagate doesn’t have a shuttle. Yes, Highway 101 in the morning is the closest thing to literal hell that we know of. Does this answer your questions? )

I know far too many people who brave this commute. Expanding a lane on the highway won’t do much, but creating some jobs here? Now that could really make a difference.

But as much as I want a tech company to bring some jobs down here, I don’t think Amazon was the right one. Too big! It would have been a game changer for the region, that’s for sure, but I think it would have been too drastic a change.

Now, I hope Morgan Hill continues to make bids for a smaller tech company. Maybe a well-funded startup that can employ several hundred people? Or a satellite to one of our own Silicon Valley companies?

I love our agricultural history and do want to protect our region from becoming the next Palo Alto. But there are plenty of small--even rural--towns that have one or two headquarters near their city that become major employers, economic boosters, tax harvesters, and research and education incubators. One medium-sized headquarters could increase the quality of life without making an impact on our small-town feel.

The positive effect that a new company could have in the South County area would go far beyond the people who sit on Highway 101 every morning. The ripple effect would be enjoyed by all, including our cities’ interest in revitalizing their downtowns.

I have a feeling some of you will disagree. I should note here that my opinions do not reflect the editorial board of gmhTODAY. I’m just a 30-something lady with a husband who spends hours per day in the car. I’m not majorly pro-growth, but I am a fan of smart growth.

What do you have to say?