New House with an Old Time Country Feel

One of the ever popular features of gmhToday is the SSCV Lifestyles. Whenever we can, we feaure  the story and photos of homes in the South Santa Clara Valley. They do not have to be big or lavish. We look for homes that photograph well and that have a story. We are always looking for new homes to feature. If you know of one or have one, give a call at 408-848-6540 or email us at

For now enjoy the beautiful new home of Gina and Tariq Jones.

On a well-traveled road in the west side foothills sits a new home nestled in the trees. The land covers seven acres, three of which are fenced. The white country house with the big inviting porch sits comfortably in its surroundings.

Gina and Tariq Jones purchased the property in 2012. In May 2015 they moved the family in…twin 8-year-old boys, a daughter and three dogs! Gina and Tariq grew up as city kids in San Jose. The move to a new community and the country setting was a major shift in perspective, but one they both have come to relish. Gina commutes all the way to Palo Alto but the peace and tranquility of a country home outweighs the commute. 

Tariq, an electrician by trade, worked as the general contractor. Gina offered ideas and direction throughout the process. It took two years of weekend and free-time work to clear the land and build the house. The result is a beautiful, clean lined, comfortable home. The house is 3,800 square feet with four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms and a bonus room. The home’s unique design started with some online plans that were reworked to fit their needs and the surroundings. The property sits near a flood zone so it has a raised foundation and in front is a landscaped creek bed that is actually a water diverter.

Inside the house the setting is clean and uncluttered. The great room, with its living room, casual dining, and kitchen, has a two-story vertical lift that opens up the space dramatically. The bath and bedroom is simple, elegant, and uncluttered windows bring the outside in. The front door is an elegant entrance area to the formal dining room, the great room and the stairs up to the twins’ room. The floors throughout are inch and a half wood planks…both simple and elegant again.

Throughout the house there is evidence of thoughtful planning, beautiful and unique lighting, and just a very comfortable home. Gina and Tariq admit that the process of building their own home was not easy but it has been worth it. For the most part they used local subcontractors for the work they could not do or did not have time to do. Among the subs that worked on the house were David Domenichini, of D.R. Domenichini Construction and Ann Marie Griffin of Lazy Suzan Designs.

The house is a marvelous mix of country charm, simple uncluttered lines, a live-in warmth and solid construction. While the house is basically done, the yard and grounds have a long way to go. Tariq is confident that the large mound of dirt in the back will become a series of vegetable gardens, and the garage will get the finish it deserves and possibly become something of a “man cave.” 

Work is not yet done for Tariq who notes “I don’t think we will ever be completely finished.” Future plans include a barn and “much more landscaping.” When asked about the “man cave” idea, he flashes a big, sheepish grin!

Their one regret about the property is the lack of reliable high-speed Internet. As a Facebook employee, Gina could occasionally work from home if better service were available. 

Someday soon, Tariq plans to relocate his electrical business to the Gilroy area and tap into the local business opportunities. 

The Jones family is new to the community. We welcome them and their beautiful home to South Santa Clara Valley.