gmhToday staff

Robin Shepherd

Assistant Editor/Senior Writer

Robin is a veteran journalist who serves as our Associate Editor/Senior Writer and is working as a developmental editor on a non-fiction book due out in 2017-18. Her writing has appeared in dozens of media outlets from the Morgan Hill Times to the San Francisco Business Journal and TechCrunch to the New York Times. Previously, she was a marketing pro with Bay Area creative agencies and high tech companies.


Edgar Zaldana

Distribution Manager

Edgar is a busy man. Many people will know him as a friendly waiter who worked at at The Milias Restaurant. He also works part-time at the Milias Apartments. Finally, and most importantly for us, he takes care of distribution for gmhToday. Every other month he makes sure 14,000 magazines get to over two hundred locations throughout the South County area. Edgar has a smile for everyone, an upbeat attitude and a quick wit.


Kimberly Ewertz

Freelance Writer/Reporter

Kimberly is a freelance writer/reporter. Over the past two decades her feature articles have appeared in numerous papers and magazines. A recipient of two MCMA (Missouri College Media Association) awards, she enjoys reading, and hiking through her hometown of Gilroy.  She’s currently working on a book of short stories, chronicling the life of a mother and her son dealing with the aftermath of divorce.


Crystal Han

Freelance Writer

Crystal is a freelance writer and artist. She graduated from San Jose State University with a BFA in Animation and Illustration. She aspires to become a novelist and is currently working on two books. Crystal enjoys baking, exercising, analyzing films with friends and reading. She is also an avid cat lover.


Amy McElroy

Freelance Writer

Amy is a Contributing Writer and Editor at RewireMeShe’s been published at The Bold ItalicCosmopolitanThe BillfoldNoodleClub MidRoleReboot,  BlogHerelephant, and othersHer website,, contains her editorial services and writing craft blog. @amyjmcelroy.


Jordan Rosenfeld

Freelance Writer

Jordan is the author of 4 writing guides and 3 novels. Her articles have been published in such places as: Alternet, The Atlantic, Marin Magazine, the New York Times, the Petaluma Magazine, Salon, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Post and many more.