Healthcare in South County

The challenges and services that define the health care available to South County residents.

Healthcare is on everyone’s minds these days. When it comes to the political tug-ofwar over the Affordable Care Act, the mood in our country is one of exasperation. It’s not just healthcare coverage that has people worried, but access to the healthcare services they need. 

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Leadership Morgan Hill and Leadership Gilroy

We’d like to recognize the Class of 2017 graduates from Leadership Morgan Hill and Leadership Gilroy, two very active and effective leadership development organizations that foster volunteerism, boardlevel leadership, mentoring, and philanthropy that contributes greatly to the quality of life we all enjoy in South County.

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Leadership Programs

The George Chiala Legacy

November ushered in a season of gratitude and giving, and what better time to honor the living legacy of George A. Chiala Sr. George passed away in January and he is missed by many, but his legacy of commitment to agriculture, education, and healthcare lives on in the hearts of those who knew and loved him. Our community will benefit for years to come because of the man he was and the way he lived his life.

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George Chiala

About gmhToday

gmhToday is a full-color, upscale community magazine that highlights all things Gilroy and Morgan Hill. Since 2006, gmhToday has been connecting the South Santa Clara Valley with fascinating features, relevant advertisements and current stories that inform and ignite our community. We believe this community is an amazing place to live and raise a family — gmhToday celebrates that.

The magazine is published every other month, direct mailed to subscribers and advertisers and distributed FREE to over 250 locations through the communities of Gilroy, San Martin and Morgan Hill.

The journey began in 2006 with the first issue of Gilroy Today. For over eight years, our quarterly Gilroy Today magazine was sought after, read and shared throughout the community. In 2013, the first issue of Morgan Hill Today was published at the urging of our supporters. With the overwhelming acceptance of the new magazine, we realized that the best way to continue to grow was to unite the two magazines to celebrate this area that is rich in community, activities and stories of achievement and challenges.

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The July August 2017 issue of gmhToday features: Infrastructure, Part III: High Speed Rail, Unraveling Pediatric Cancer, Congressman… Read more

What Our Advertisers Say About gmhToday

As GM of Cochrane Road Self Storage, I evaluate all our advertising endeavors and decide with whom and how we should continue. gmhTODAY stood out as a publication that embraced the community editorially while serving as a venerable positioning vehicle for our messaging and product. This combination is always tough to find in any market, so gmhTODAY will continue to have a place in our advertising scheme. Plus, our customers gobble up every copy…every issue cycle.

- Mark Phillips
General Manager,
Cochrane Road Self Storage

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People Talking


I see a lot of stuff on the Internet about kids these days. I see lists of things Millennials are killing. I hear grumbling about how young people today don’t know the value of the dollar, or how their eyes are always glued to a screen, or how they’ll never move out of their parent’s houses.

I also sometimes see negative commentary about our local youth. How they drive too fast, swear in front of our kids at Starbucks, loiter in public parks, or play music too loud from their headphones in the library.


At the risk of sounding cliche, I cannot believe how fast this summer went. I am a summer girl through-and-through. I love shorts, watermelon, and the community that summer fosters--how the sun lingers in the sky and kids stay up way past their bedtime, and how people tend to have less obligation and more time for each other.

South Valley's Finest

Editor’s Choice Awards

Our Editorial Committee, made up of community leaders, will explore the South Santa Clara Valley and choose winners in various categories on the ballot. We will do our research anonymously and pay for all meals and services. Recognition will be based only on our research. There is no connection between our winners and our advertisers. The fact that some businesses may be advertisers or later decide to advertise in the magazine will not influence our selections.

Reader’s Choice Awards

If you have a business that you would like to have considered as one of South Valley’s Finest, simply send a message to our editor in our comment box on this website. We will have a tool kit that includes downloadable marketing materials and links to our website and ballot available to you as soon as we get all the bugs worked out.

We are still working on our award timeline and first year categories. So keep visiting our site for updates and future timelines for voting.